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Proposal Details

Before you begin the application, please ensure that you have downloaded the right Proposal Template: 


1, Accelerating Solution Development (ASD) Phase Proposal Template
(up to 70% support, capped at $30k per project)


2. Market Development (MD) Phase Proposal Template
(up to 70% support, capped at $250k per project)


*For more information on which phase to apply, please refer to the FAQs and Factsheet attached.

Evaluation & Timeline

During Proposal submission, innovators may apply for:
(1) Accelerate Solution Development or (2) Market Development, depending on the technical maturity of the proposed solution.

Assessment for the (1) Accelerate Solution Development phase will focus on the technology offering and the innovation of the innovator while assessment for the (2) Market Development would include both technology offering, readiness and financial capability of innovators.

Innovators who wish to apply directly to the (2) Market Development phase must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have a fully functional prototype to demonstrate on Demo Day
  • confirmation from the CSOs to pilot or test-bed the solution
  • Be in a financially viable to complete the project

Innovators with high potential who fail to meet some criteria will be further assessed on an exceptional basis.

The entire evaluation process to the award of projects will take approximately 9 to 12 weeks.



FAQs on Built Environment - Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP)

What is BEAMP?

BEAMP is a multi-agency initiative involving Building and Construction Authority (BCA),JTC Corporation and Enterprise Singapore with the intent to build up a vibrant eco-system of innovators for the Built Environment sector. To achieve this, BEAMP will provide the platform to encourage collaboration between industry stakeholders and innovators to solve key challenges through accelerated development.

What is the theme of BEAMP?

BEAMP support innovative solutions across two main themes: (Please refer to Factsheet para 3 for more details.)
  1. Streamlining construction delivery processes through Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), Smart Assets, Maintainability and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) solutions.
  2. Advancing construction technologies through Robotic, Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials.

What is the funding quantum for participating CSO/Innovator in BEAMP?

For Innovators: During the first phase (Accelerating Solution Development) of BEAMP, eligible innovators will receive funding support of up to 70% of qualifying project cost, capped at S$30,000 for prototype development. In the subsequent phase (Market Development), eligible innovators will receive additional funding support of up to 70% of qualifying from project cost, capped at S$250,000 for product development.
For CSOs: CSO will not receive any direct funding support from BEAMP.

How will Intellectual Property (IP) issues be managed between the various stakeholders of BEAMP?

The background IP will reside with the innovator as this is what they bring forward as part of the proposal. Foreground IP, thatmay be developed through the programme phases, will be left to the CSO, the innovator(s) and/or other relevant parties to negotiate on the ownership.

Can one innovator work with a few CSO?

Yes. Should the innovator choose to partner more than one CSO, the innovator would be obliged to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the respective CSOs so as to protect the interests of CSOs that they will be working with.

How can CSO get involved in BEAMP?

To take full advantage of BEAMP, participating CSOs can get involved in following areas:

  1. Identify near-term challenges in the organisation and develop challenge statements with a pre-determined set of expected outcomes.
  2. Mentor and co-developthe solution development with shortlisted innovator(s).
  3. Test-bed/pilot solution(s) at identified site(s) should outcomes fulfil pre-determined requirements.

Does CSO have an obligation to procure the developed solutions from shortlisted innovator(s)?

CSOs should have firm demand for the solution(s) which they seek but has no obligation to procure the developed solutions if their project milestones are not met.

Where are innovators sourced from?

Innovators would be sourced through the extensive local and overseas network offered by BEAMP’s program accelerator. In addition, should the CSOs have a preferred innovator(s) that they wish to work with, they may also invite the innovator(s) to the programme.

Is there a cap to the number of innovators a CSO can partner with to address a challenge statement?

Yes, BEAMP will cap the maximum number of innovators to address each challenge statement to a maximum of two. This would help to maintain a healthy level of engagement between CSO and Innovator(s) during the development of solutions.

Can CSO also participate in the same program as an Innovators?

CSOs are welcome to participate in BEAMP as an innovator to solve challenge statements from other CSOs. However, level of support would differ if participating CSO does not fall under Enterprise Singapore’s definition of local-SME.

What is the objective of a challenge statement workshop?

The challenge statement workshop would facilitate CSOs to translate their challenges into a well-defined challenge statements. This would enable innovators to pick up the challenges fittingly and develop robust solutions that are able to fully resolve the challenges and have good market potential.

I did not join the BEAMP’s challenge statement workshop to identify my organisation challenges. Can I still embark on BEAMP?

Yes, you may still embark on BEAMP as a CSO even after the challenge statement workshop. You may select a common challenge you would be interested to address from the list of challenges broadcasted to the innovators community. However, the CSO of that particular challenge statement would have the priority to choose which innovator to work with in solving the challenge.

What is the total budget allocated to fund participating innovators in BE-AMP?

S$6 million funding is availed to support the development of innovative ideas into market ready solutions over two phases in BE-AMP:(i) Accelerating Solution Development Phaseand (ii) Market Development Phase.

What are some examples of qualifying and non-qualifying costs under BEAMP funding support?

Examples of qualifying cost include manpower, professional consultancy, equipment and software. Examples of non-qualifying cost would include maintenance, warranty, common office equipment.

Are participating Innovators in BEAMP allowed to seek additional funding options?

Innovators must not have obtained government funding for similar project(s) previously and should declare if other government funding is currently being sought for similar project(s). However, participating innovators are encouraged to seekfunding or investments from industry investors, especially during the Demo-day organised as part of BEAMP.

What is DEMO-day?

DEMO-dayprovides a platform for innovators to showcase their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to potential clients and investors before being assessed whether they qualify for the final market development phase. Attendees of DEMO-day would include technology investors, venture capitalists, incubators/accelerators and government procuring entities(GPEs). The Demo-day is likely to be held in September 2019 in conjunction with the International Built Environments Week (IBEW).

When is the deadline for proposal submission?

All proposals must be submitted here on the microsite by 2359 hours on 12 April 2019.

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